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Due to the structure of Solitaire homes, I decided to buy from them. Everything went downhill quickly. After several hours of BS and 50 pages of fine print, we found the home was going to cost substantially more than the salesman had agreed to. We were assured that they would take care of everything. After 9 months, we still had no home. We demanded our money back and got it. They assure you that they will take care of everything and extra... Read more

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In 2014 I purchased a used 2008 built Solitaire home. I had looked at several other makes of manufactured homes and none seemed to match the quality & appearance of this one. I have lived in it now for nearly 2 years and have no complaints at all. This is my first manufactured home, so I wasn't sure what to expect, but didn't expect it to be this nice. This is like a normal modest single story home you'd find built by a contractor in any... Read more

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My solitaire is ne of the biggest they have. We've had nothing but problems since we got it set up, you have 30 days to find any issues and report them, did that, every repair needed was blown off or patched, no real repairs. Glue everywhere, drawers breaking,untaped nail heads in the walls, my tiles have several places that have gaps between them, some at lest an inch, we are now for the last 3 years having roof leaks, I've had a roofer look... Read more

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My Solitaire home is 2 years old and last night a water line slipped of its connection and flooded my home with ankle deep water while on a fire assignment in Wyoming. This resulted in the tens of thousands of dollars worth of damage. Two months ago, the freon leaked out of one of my A/C units because of aluminum lines, a $600 dollar repair. And my sophets have separated for the second time. I had trouble trying to get them to repaint my... Read more

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Purchased a Solitarie mobile home 2 years and one month ago. Well the quality of home is not like they use to be. We lived in one for 26 years and it was better than this one. Poor quality carpet. Had to have living room restretched 6 months ago and now need both bedrooms restretched. Then the AC unit went out. Had to have it repaired. Was was told the Solitarie place in Forth Worth TX contract companies to install these units with aliumium... Read more

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Only glad our mobile home 2 years to the date.. Poor quality of carpet. It has buckled all through out house, only could afford to have living room restretched. Need rest restretched also...Now AC quit cooling. Have man out here Solitarie had to him to install. Told us they, Solitarie, put in aliumium lines which eventually leaks and need copper. So guess what, we are having to replace at our cost! We have lived in Solitarie homes for over 26... Read more

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I applied for financing with Solitaire homes in Las Cruces and they told me I was approved for a loan in person, by phone and email. They told me to wait a couple of weeks and they would contact me, but they never contacted me and I received a letter from a bank saying I was disapproved. I trying calling them and they said the finance person would call me and that never accrued. Then they told me my deposit check would be mailed to me and that... Read more

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Paid extra for George Pacific siding life time warranty (joke) called and called no luck. had holes in siding from *** storm filed on insurance having new siding put on when the siding was taken off no insulation called solitaire talked to a Linda in corporate Oklahoma main office said I need to talk to President but he was on spring break would have him call waited three weeks called back, Linda advised me the president had not been in and... Read more

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I have a 2011 solitaire home with a roof shingle with a slice in the roof shingle that looked like they were cutting another shingle on top of this shingle when roofing the house of course it leaked and messed up decking and ceiling drywall called the factory to see if they would send someone out to look at it since it would have been a factory error. Talked with Linda which was very rude in telling me it is a insurance claim. So I have to say I... Read more

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Nothing but problems from the start.....put money down for custom order they let the production run go by without ordering (with us calling weekly to check on when the production was going to go through) our home and left us without a home....all underhanded to force us into buying the lot model, which did not have any of the specifics we wanted, but would work. Will not back up their warrantee....carpet seams are horrible and getting worse by... Read more

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