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Overall, I would say we are going to be pleased with our new Solitaire home. It does have issues though.

To be expected having been built by cheap labor sometimes lacking professional skills. At times the house has made me wonder if the workers possessed or had knowledge of how to use a tape measure or straight edge. Cabinet doors were hung crooked. The kitchen island was installed out of square with the room, enough that visitors have noticed it.

They actually went against the lines in the floor tiles, which are square with the room, to install the island crooked. The roof has the poorest workmanship I've seen in 38 years of roofing. It doesn't leak, but it cries out, "I just don't care." Solitaire's inspector said it's within their requirements. Not surprising.

Most other issues are rather easily dealt with. Interior doors still need adjusting, for example. Dealer has taken care of a few issues, said they would take care of the others. No word after last time he said they would call before coming to adjust doors.

If you buy a Solitaire in OKC be prepared for long waits to address problems and calls that don't come as promised through the entire purchasing/owning process. During the purchasing process, there were warning signs I did not heed. Plenty of "we'll call you back today" or "I'll call you tomorrow" that did not happen. For the most part, issues with home are not addressed in a timely manner, if at all.

I'm still waiting to see. When they came out with the wrong color of skirting, I was frustrated enough by then I told them to just put it on. We needed skirting installed before winter freezing came. Who knows when/if they would get back with right color?

Before the skirting went on, my neighbors had favorable comments for appearance of the house. Since the color clashing skirting, they have become strangely silent.

Oh well. Welcome to Solitaire.

Product or Service Mentioned: Solitaire Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I bought my mother a Solitaire 1564sq.ft. modular home with 2x6 wall construction and windstorm 2 requirements(2hrs.

at 120m.p.h.) The only problems she had in 12years was a slight separation at the joint that was fixed at no cost and the cooling coils went out on the cheap central a/c unit they installed (after 6years), which she had to pay to replace. Other than those 2 things it was a very well constructed home and well appointed inside.


We are truly sorry you feel this way and would love to hear from you regarding your issues with your home. We will see what we can do to get you your repairs taken care of.

Feel free to contact us or we can contact you as we both did thru the entire purchase process. As for the skirting color issues - we do not pick skirting colors for our customers ( the customer always picks the skirting color - we provide color samples for our customers to choose from in the sales office ).

The skirting issue could have been fixed within a day but we have to know there is an issue. WE DO CARE AND WANT YOU TO BE HAPPY WITH YOUR HOME.


You should file a formal complaint with HUD and they will send out a hud inspector to inspect every aspect of your home and paperwork. Also file with the attorney general office and they will get involved.


Wow. That's sad.

We bought ours in 2000 and didn't have this many issues. Goes to show you that America's workforce is in a sad state.

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