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i have to say that i own a Solitaire, I have for about 6 years. I have gotten nothing but sheer pleasure from my Solitaire Home.

I was a former "other" manufacturer single wide home owner. The "other" brand that I bought literally became a money pit, all while I was making payments. I was having to scrape up money where I could just to keep up with repairs from a home that was falling apart! In addition to that I had extremely high utility bills due to poor insulation and construction!

Since owning my Solitaire, I have saved money!!! utility bills lower, much lower, and no maintenance needs beyond the normal home owner maintenance. What most people dont understand, when having a home built by a contractor on your land, it is NO different than buying a mobile home placed on raw unimproved land. I would have had erosion issues, however, as a home owner, i planted sod to maintain the work that the contractor had completed on my property.

Pad sites for manufactured homes are no different from a site built home, there must be water diversion=water diverting away from the home! YES, there could be extra expenses involved that should be taken into consideration when doing a pad for any home (not just a manufactured home). I spent a little extra to make sure that my pad and property was not only done correctly but with the sod i put down i was making sure i had no issues down the road with water etc. At some point, an individual has to take responsibility as a home owner, and not point the finger at the home manufacturer or the site contractor.

Does anyone here think that any other manufacturer or site built contractor would come fix or do maintenance/warranty work on a home due to weather related issues ie: hail, high winds, etc., (or neglect by the owner to maintain) issues that should be filed as a homeowner on insurance? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY AND BE A HOME OWNER, IF YOU CANT AFFORD TO MAINTAIN WHAT YOU PAID FOR INITIALLY FOR PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE, SIMPLY PUT, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A HOME! Also, some of the posts i have read are from home owners who have had their homes for years, and are now having issues. Do you think a site built home builder would come do home repair beyond a one year warranty?

Repair work that came being a home owner who neglected to maintain their home, or even take care of weather related issues before they became an issue? NO BUILDER IN THE WORLD WOULD COME DO WARRANTY/MAINTENANCE REPAIRS AFTER WARRANTY IS UP. WHETHER THAT BE SITE BUILT BUILDERS, OR MANUFACTURED HOME BUILDERS. My husband was a construction contractor for site built homes in Massachusetts.

Before we purchased our Solitaire home, we looked at every manufactured home on the market, especially after our first initial purchase, we did not want to repeat the same mistake. We chose Solitaire hands down for its construction and building materials, all at a price much lower than having a home built on our land! We had a fulfilling experience with our Solitaire from onset of the sale all the way to the service after the sale! Its unfair to bash a great company that does offer a well constructed, money saving home!

At some point, we WILL go back and most likely trade in our singlewide for a Solitaire double-wide, which will be our retirement and forever home!!! WE love our Solitaire and are beyond happy with the choice we made!!! Even if we did choose not to trade for a double wide, we know that our Solitaire will serve us well for many years to come! Ask yourself, did you maintain the site after prepared?

What could you have done or not done that might have turned you around from being a pissed off consumer to a happy home owner?

Bottom line, there are two sides to every story!!!! Have a Blessed Day!

Product or Service Mentioned: Solitaire Homes Mobile Home.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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I agree with the point made about owners who are not active as a home owner. Its easier to complain than be responsible.

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